After: the shop / gallery 
 work by:  Eloise Oui  /  Tasha Island  /  Marianthi Aldridge  /    Planet Slimeball
 Weavings by:  Fran Ibbotson  / 3D bugs by:  Planet Slimeball  / Textiles by:  Marianthi Aldridge  
 Zines by:  Monx  / Stickers and pins by:  Marianthi Aldridge  &  Eloise Oui  / Jelly Lamps by:  Tasha Island  / Crotchet dolls by:  Nicolette  
 Entrance to the front seat cinema 
Screen Shot 2016-05-27 at 13.47.27.png
 Entrance to the Observatory installation 
 Bat head by:  Planet Slimeball
 Jelly Lamps by:  Tasha Island
jelly in cave.jpg
 Fish tank world by:  SilverSunPeople  and  Eloise Oui
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